We know each other?

Langel System, the first online mattress with:

✓ Elevating heads

✓ Without disturbing your partner

✓ Different degrees of inclination

✓ Customizable firmness

✓ 24 comfort possibilities

✓ Viscoelastic/airflow

✓ Free shipping and returns

✓ 30 trial nights

✓ 5 year warranty

And everything on your mattress not on your rest base.


We reward your responsible consumption.

An example:

Buy your mattress in January, help us with your evaluations and share the project. We will distribute 10% of the amount of sales in February among January buyers. In April you will receive the proportional part of your purchase.

In this way we will give 30 days to people who buy during the month of February to guarantee that there are no returns.

If your mattress was worth €599 and the sales in February are the same as those in January, you will receive €59 in April, if we reach a much larger community in February thanks to you, your communication and evaluations "let's say double", then you will receive double, 118 €, that simple.


  • + Customizable: we have created a customizable mattress in your home so that you can find your perfect rest. If after those 30 days you have not returned your new mattress, we will reward your loyalty and your responsible "consumption" with the environment.

  • + Ecological: allowing its components to be separated for recycling by minimizing as much as possible the use of glues that eliminate the qualities of the different foams and their perspiration.

  • + Durable: by altering the order of the layers, it allows the qualities of the foams to be "refreshed" over time.

    Langel is a mattress that lasts over time since you can change the surface foam in many years in order to continue having a mattress with maximum firmness, without showing wear and tear over time, change it for an inferior one or simply turn it around to "refresh" your mattress over time.

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Reinvent the mattress with us

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We have made a customizable mattress, more durable over time and that adapts to the needs of a new generation, but if we are not able to reduce our carbon footprint in transport, it will not have been of any use, thanks for understanding and for consuming responsibly. .

Note: if during the duration of the guarantee you make a claim that involves transport, the amount of the same will be deducted from the quota granted at the time in Langelcoins called "environmental commitment".